ARC Book Review | Ever Always by Diana Garden

Posted on Friday, January 16, 2015 12:00 AM

Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication: January 13, 2015
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Hunter Waters has loved only one woman for his entire life.

Unfortunately she's his brother's girlfriend, Ever Allen. Hunter isn't the kind of guy to betray family, but when his brother Sam has to leave town and asks Hunter to look after her, the feelings he's fought for years can no longer be buried.

Ever can't think of a time when both Waters brothers hadn't been watching her back. Sam's boldness had charmed her, but now Hunter's quiet, steady strength makes her feel safe for the first time in her crazy, messed-up life. But how can she choose between the only two people in the world to have cared about her? How can she live with loving one brother if it means breaking the other's heart?

My Thoughts: 

I was so excited for this read. I knew it would be a little controversial. A guy falling in love with his brother's girlfriend? I knew there was going to be some different things in this novella, but it didn't just work for me. 

Hunter tried to seem like he felt bad for falling for his brother's girl, but I did not get that from him. All he cared about was Ever and himself, not his brother or his feelings. It seemed like the author just wanted us to be sympathetic for Hunter, but that didn't happen for me. Yes, throughout the book I was rooting for Ever and Hunter to be together, but that didn't keep me from not liking Hunter very much.

Speaking of not liking Hunter, I didn't like Ever very much either. I also felt as if the author wanted us to feel bad for Ever, which I completely did, but it was to the point where it became an annoyance. What Ever has been through in her life was terrible and I wanted nothing more to jump through the book and hug her, but Ever was so...blah.

Blah, Erica really? Okay, maybe blah isn't the right word, but I definitely didn't connect with Ever. Actually, I didn't connect with anyone in this book and if you have read my other reviews that's a must for me. I want to connect, feel what they feel, but I didn' all. 

I know it seems like I absolutely hated this book, but it did have a good story-line to it. I enjoyed the way the book went and the story behind each character, but the lack of connection with the characters was just lacking way too much. Maybe it was due to the fact it was kind of a short read, but I was just hoping for more.

I never want to say I don't recommend this book because people have different tastes than I do, but it isn't one that I will go gloating about to all of my blogger/bookish friends.

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