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Posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 1:00 AM

Today I want to talk about things I suck at.  

1.     Book Buying Ban - I am horrible about sticking to a book buying ban, but it's really not my fault.  I have 'supposedly' been on a ban since my daughter was born in April formula is expensive.  And I have really tried my best not to buy any books.  But Amazon has to go and discount books that I really want to read or the next book in a series comes out and I HAVE to get it, or a debut that I'm really looking forward to comes out.  See, not my fault ;)  
2.       Scheduling Posts - I write most of my reviews/posts while I’m at work and save them on a flash drive.  Then about once a week I will sit down and transfer my reviews/posts over to Blogger.  When I transfer them, I also finish them (add Goodreads & Amazon links, add summary, etc.) so most of my reviews are finished and just sitting in my draft posts just waiting to be published.  In my mind I know that it would be easier to schedule them when I transfer them over, but for some reason I hit save & close instead of schedule & publish.  Maybe someday I will do things the easy way.
3.       Book Organization - Before I moved into my new house last year, my bookshelves were very organized.  I had all of the series together and if I had multiple books by the same author then all of those books were grouped together.  But since I’ve been in my new house, I have been slacking quite a bit a little on this. Just the other day I let my 6 year old put some books back on the shelf for me *hides in shame* and yesterday when I went to pick out what book I was going to read next, I noticed that my series are mixed up and the authors with multiple books/series aren’t together. 
4.       Reading Sequels - I have a very big problem when it comes to picking up the second book in a series.  I can absolutely LOVE the first book and talk about how much I want the next one.  But then a year goes by and I forget how much I loved the first and I put off getting the next book.  Here are a few series that in which I loved the first book but have yet to read the second: Mara Dyer, Hourglass, Darkness Before Dawn, Shatter Me. 
5.     Finishing Series I guess you were probably expecting this one based on number 4, huh? On the off chance that I do remember how much I loved the first book in a series and I pick up the second.  Chances are that it will take me a while before I will get the last book in a series.  I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want to say goodbye or if I’m just cray cray, but that just seems to be how it works out for me. Here are a few in which I have read every one except the last book in the series: Unearthly, Revenants, Skinned, Crush.

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Do you have any problems with these as well?  



  1. Haha. I am great at scheduling posts, but that's pretty much the only one here where I don't struggle. I think the first one is the newest and hardest one for me. I just got a Kindle and so I'll see blogs post these "Kindle deals" and of course stupid me opens them and all of sudden I'm like "Books for $2.99? GIMME!" And yeah. That's great if you just get one... but does that really happen? >.>

  2. i suck at book buy bans too! and scheduling posts. i'm a big ol' procrastinator and i write all my reviews the night before they're supposed to go up. i don't know why i make it so hard on myself... but it is what it is lol


  3. I feel like us trying to go on a book buying ban is like people trying to stop smoking LOL. So hard. I am awful at finishing series anymore, either. There are just so many books to read!

  4. I have no idea how you keep from reading sequels and from reading the last book in a series. So many books end in such a cliffhanger that I'm one of those people that read the next one as soon as I can get my hands on it.

    Definitely read the next one in the Mara Dyer trilogy and definitely read Unravel Me. You will love them! I think both of them are excellent and do not suffer from middle book syndrome. But I know what you mean about not wanting to say good-bye! ~Pam

  5. I am with you on the book buying ban. :) I use to always pick up the ENTIRE series, that way I could read them all back to back. That is getting harder to do though. :/

    AND. I had just recently got a new book shelf and had it all pretty and organized, then well. More books. So, I am with you on organizing!

  6. I'm bad at all of these but the book buying ban, surprisingly. Using the library helps me on that one, but for the others, your box of shame graphic is perfect, haha. I love that movie :)

  7. I'm pretty bad abut all this as well. Especially, not reading the next book in the series. A few on your list are also on mine, Mara dyer and shatter me books I have yet to read the second but I loved the first to pieces. I also have a hard time begining a series I just had to have like I have almost all of the fallen books and haven't started any or the wicked lovely books.


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