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Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015 12:00 AM

For today's INKED post, please welcome author, Scott Addington!

Name: Scott Addington
Tell us a little about yourself: Although I write history, I am not a historian, I am trying to open up history to new audiences as I am of the opinion that many (most) history books are written by academics for other academics and not for the average man/woman/child in the street. I would like to think that my books are short, sharp and to the point as well as written in an engaging and entertaining way.


When did you get your first tattoo? I was 17 when I got my first tattoo - it is a skull with a top hat and wild hair…

When did you get your last tattoo? I haven’t had my last one yet

Do you have a favorite? I love my WW1 one - and actually it is the only one i can really see easily

Is there a special meaning behind any of your tattoos? I have the name of my son on my back too.

Are you planning to get anymore? Yes, on my left arm I am thinking about getting a WW2 themed sleeve… watch this space.

Tell us a little about your books: I have written three books that have been traditionally published: The Great War 100 is a large coffee table book which attempts to tell the story of the first world war using nothing but infographics. It was launched in Summer 2014 and has practically sold out the first print run already - it is proving very popular in schools as the graphics seem to be effective at engaging and informing the kids. Other books I have written and published independently are my ‘Layman’s Guides’ - I have written a Layman’s Guide to WW1, D-Day and The Third Reich. I am planning many more! I have also written a First World War Fact book and a couple of WW1 related pocket books covering weapons and the major battles.

I also have a blog on where I write about all things history

Anything else?
My tattoo is one of the main reasons why I started writing. I get stopped in the street quite a lot by people wanting to get a closer look at my tattoo and talking about the war and history in general. Almost everyone I spoke to said they knew nothing about the war and that they thought that most of the books on the war were too big/long/boring/difficult/rubbish so I took it upon myself to write a book that the non historian could read quickly, get the main facts without drowning in detail and be entertained at the same time. This is why I wrote World War One: A Layman’s Guide

World War One: A Layman’s Guide cover can be found here: 4b333c911f7c1afab2d06d499891bf91.jpg
Some infographics from The Great War 100 can be found here:

Thanks for stopping by today, Scott! We've enjoyed having you on the blog and seeing your ink :)

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