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Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014 8:48 PM

Hello everyone and welcome to the sign-ups for the Countdown Survey. Christy has held another survey around July, but we thought it would be awesome to throw another one to end the year with a *BANG*.  All you have to do to sign-up is click the link that we have added to this post. Christy thought to do this so that you guys will have the questions ahead of time and will be able to post with us when we go live.

So, after you guys sign-up with us you will have all the questions and you will create all your lovely posts and set them to be schedule for December 31 (we usually do 12 a.m. but you guys can post whenever you please on that chosen day). When you guys post on the 31st Christy and I will have ours posted and there will be a new link on that post for you guys to click. Doing this will allow your blog post to be directly linked for us to see.

I hope you guys are just as excited as Christy and I to do this countdown. We cannot wait to see all the books that you add to your lists.

Here is how it works:
We are going to countdown from 10 – 1 with topics listed for each number. Whatever the number is, that’s how many things you have to list for that topic. Example: 10 – Books on your wishlist, so I would name ten books that’s on my wishlist…see?? SIMPLE.

Listed below are your questions:

10- 2015 Books You're Excited About
9- Favorite Books of 2014
8- Books You Never Wanted to End
7- Books You'll Re-Read
6- Series You Need To Finish
5- Golden Finds (Unpopular Books You Loved)
4- Books You Wish Were Movies/TV Shows
3 - Books You Never Finished
2 - Favorite Love Doves
1 - Book You Wish You Would Have Gotten Around to Reading in 2014

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Christy is a 27 year old wife, mother, nursing student and self proclaimed book addict. When she's not busy spending time with her family or learning to save lives, you can find her with a book in her hands, and a smile on her face.
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