Times In Which I Fangirl

Posted on Thursday, January 9, 2014 4:00 AM

As the title of this post suggests, I thought I would share with you some instances in which I go complete fangirl.
1. When an author responds to a tweet

2. When an author comments on my blog (which has only happened once, so of course it made me fangirl)

3. When I come home to an Amazon package

4. When I find out my FAVORITE author is coming to a bookstore 3 hours away

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my fangirling. 

What are some things that make you fangirl?


  1. 1. Looking at my bookshelf
    2. Getting packages of books in the mail
    3 Putting new books on my bookshelf/arranging the books on my bookshelf

    I tend to get strange stares from my boyfriend and my cats when I'm stroking my books, smelling my books, hugging my bookshelf, but sometimes you just have to!

  2. I think we all do Fangirling, maybe some more than others...but I most definitely get excited when an author responds to a tweet and an Amazon package is just heaven! lol

  3. Oh yes I am totally guilty of fangirling when authors talk to me on Twitter!! Like the first time Katie McGarry replied to one of my tweets!!! I also fangirl at my book club when we read an awesome book. And OMG when I see brown boxes at my door, my heart definitely does a little dance :)

  4. I do a lot of fangirling for things other than books, but I always fangirl when authors respond to my tweets. Michael Grant and Marie Lu were particularly awesome for that! I always fangirl when I'm browsing my library's e-catalogue. It's pretty extensive, and it has an amazing selection, so I'm pretty much doing happy dances by the end of it.

    Cute post!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  5. I had an indie author mention me a couple of times on Twitter because she love my review :D
    That totally made me fangirl. I was seriously excited beyond belief!
    I also LOVE coming home to packages too! Whether it's books I ordered or won or got for review- I love packages with books inside them(:

  6. LOVE this post! I think my fangirling moments would be, meeting authors, receiving a package in the mail (even if I was the one who purchased the books) and getting a really long comment on one of my book reviews! But getting a comment or a tweet from an author sounds pretty awesome too!!



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