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Posted on Saturday, April 4, 2015 9:00 AM
Interview w/ Angela V. Cook
I just want to say thank you to Angela for doing this interview with me :) I hope you guys enjoy the questions...make sure to check out the giveaway once the interview is over.

1. What inspired you to write this novel?
During the summer of 2010, there was a short-lived TV show called The Gates. It was about a gated community where the residents were of the supernatural persuasion (werewolves, vampires, witches, etc.).  One of the residents was a teenage succubus. Every time this girl kissed her boyfriend, she absorbed some of his life energy, which in turn weakened him. I had never heard of a succubus, but I loved the idea of a teenage girl who was in love, but couldn’t so much as kiss her boyfriend without harming him. It was then the wheels of creativity started turning. 

2. Which character do you find to be most like you?
Definitely Allison (my main character). First of all, she has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor (like moi). Second, she’s a bit of a loner (*ahem* me, again). Last, she’s very protective of her loved ones (just call me momma bear).

3. Is this a stand-alone novel or should we get all excited for another?
I’m actually working on a sequel, and I’m SOOOO excited about it! A sequel wasn’t necessary, and I even debated whether or not to write one (technically, the book could stand alone as is), but I just don’t feel like Allison’s story is over. I have questions I want answered, and to be honest, writing about a teenage succubus is FUN! I really enjoyed writing IaMP, and I feel that same excitement as I continue Allison’s story.

4. If you could recommend three books, what would they be?
Eeps! This is a tough one, but I’m going to do my best. 1) THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald, because it introduced me to classic, American (and amazing) literature. It was the first book I remember falling absolutely in love with. 2) BELOVED by Toni Morrison, because it opened my eyes to the true beauty of words and all the magical and powerful things that could be done with them. 3) ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins, because it inspired me to embrace my own unique writing style and voice.

5. Are you currently working on anything, if so, what? Lately, I’ve been busy promoting IaMP, but prior to its release, I was working on a sequel (see question number three J ). I also have two other projects that I wrote after IaMP, which are in various stages of revision.

6. If you could meet any person, who would it be?
Gah! This question always throws me for a loop. Umm… maybe Toni Morrison? She’s one of my all-time favorite authors. Her work just absolutely blows me away. She’s, like, writer royalty in my opinion. Of course if I really did meet her, I’d probably just be all hives and nervous laughter.

7. Do you have any quirky habits that you do while reading/writing?
As far as reading, not really. I can read anywhere, anytime—as long as the book is holding my interest. For writing, I have to have my ear buds in and my Spotify on (usually classical for drafting) before I start. Oh, and I can’t write with other people in the room, so no coffee houses for this writer!

8. Was there anything while writing this book that was a struggle?
There were definitely parts of the book where I struggled. For me, the plot was easy. I knew what I wanted to accomplish with the story, but I had a hard time describing the emotional struggles my main character (Allison) goes through. I don’t want to give anything away, but Allison experiences some pretty intense situations, and describing her emotional state was sometimes difficult, because those situations were something I’d never experienced. I really had to put myself in her shoes and try to imagine what it would be like to go through those events and what impact they would have on me.

9. If you weren’t an author, you’d be a(n)…?
Unfortunately at this point in my career, being an author doesn’t pay the bills, so I do have a day job as a records clerk at a local police department. I wouldn’t say it’s my dream job, but I do like it. It’s an interesting place to work—I never know what to expect, and I get to read about cases that are stranger than fiction. I also like being able to help people, which is what I went to college for (I have a degree in sociology), so if I have to have a job in addition to writing, it’s a pretty good one to have.


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