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Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2013 4:00 AM


Since I’ve been trading books on YA Book Exchange I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the books that I actually own. There was actually a time where I was getting ready to contact someone about a potential trade but luckily before I emailed them I double checked to make sure that I had a particular book from their wishlist only to realize that I had already traded that book and forgot about it.

I know this probably wouldn’t be a big deal to a lot of people but it drove me crazy. I hate not knowing what books I own and what books I have for trade. So, I decided to fix me up a spreadsheet (you know I love excel) in order for me to stay a little more organized so I don’t go offering up a book that I no longer have.

This is what my spreadsheets look like:


Do you keep a list or spreadsheet of what books you own? How do you keep track of your books? Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve organization?  Do you have any questions regarding my spreadsheets?



  1. I've tried to keep a spreadsheet but I am just TERRIBLE at updating it!! But that's also probably because I keep track of everything on Goodreads fairly well. Goodreads organizes everything for me! :)

  2. Actually, I don't have that many books in the first place, so I don't need to organize as much as you do-- I just keep them all in a shelf and arrange them by author :D I usually remember where I put a particular book, so that extent of organization works for me :) I don't really participate in book trades, and read anything apart from the books I do own, so it's not that hard-- but as for the more active people like yourself, I think the spreadsheet is a dapper idea! Goodreads shelves could help too, or simply physically separating the two piles. But good luck on your organization Hope you get to fix it :D

  3. I catalog every single book I own on Goodreads. I have all kinds of shelves (own on Kindle, own in print, TBR on Kindle, TBR on shelf, etc.) and I also utilize the 'private notes' field to make note of where I got the book (from publisher/author, NetGalley, bought, library, etc.). I also export the books I have on Goodreads and download it to my computer, just in case something were to happen to the site.

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  5. I use Goodreads to keep track. I like Brianna's ideas as right now, I just track the books I read, but don't have them broken down in anything - except audiobooks and short story collections.

    Tanya Patrice


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