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Posted on Thursday, April 3, 2014 4:00 AM
I'm sure we have all been in a position where we are so excited about an upcoming book, whether it be the first in a series or the last and then have it ruined by seeing spoilers all over social media

I know some people don't mind spoilers and I used to be one of those people. When I first started reading, it was not unusual for me to flip to the last page and read it. This wasn't just with books either, I would get online and look up TV shows and movies. And then I realized, I don't enjoy reading or watching those shows/movies as much when I know what's going to happen.
After that big revelation, I decided not to do it that way anymore and I became a strict no spoilers type of girl and if you read my reviews you will probably notice the line "I don't want to give anything away" in quite a bit of them. That's because I don't want to ruin the book for someone else. However, not everyone else feels the same about spoilers and that's ok. But, I still wish people would issue some kind of warning before posting a spoiler. I know a lot of people do and to those who do I want to say THANK YOU! But some don't and I can't help but feel upset about it because it ruins something for me.
I was so disappointed when I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a MAJOR spoiler for Allegiant, I'm talking about couldn't get any more spoilery spoiler. And it killed me because I knew right then that I would like the book as much. This also happened with the last season of Sons of Anarchy, I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and saw the most spoilery spoiler of all about the season finale and I almost died. Yes, I still read the book and watched the last episode but it just wasn't the same.


What are your thoughts on spoilers? Do you get upset if you see a spoiler that wasn’t marked?


  1. Totally agree...like Walking Dead..I can't always,watch it the night it's on, so I have to avoid Facebook and twitter like the plague. SOA was the same(although honestly, I NEVER miss and episode but I can see how bad it would be, since it's on blast for days after...)
    So I agree 100%

  2. P.s. I think people get so excited about the fantasy of the show or book or whatever and can't wait to share...I think I've been guilty of it myself a time or two

  3. I hear you. My worst spoiler was someone's comment on a youtube video where they (I'm hoping it was unintentionally) wrote about the ending of Mockingjay. I was waiting to buy the book and that just turned me off.

    Now a days, I find people talking about how much they disliked Allegiant really unenjoyable. This especially gets to me because I've avoided all reviews of Allegiant so I can have the full experience but it seems that everywhere I turn I meet somebody who was disappointed in it. :( Spoilers seems to be taking all shapes and forms. Great discussion.


  4. Oh I 100% agree. I absolutely avoided ALL talk about the Divergent series when I was waiting to read Allegiant. Even if the review/discussion claimed to have no spoilers? I didn't even go near. I'm quite disgusted, actually, at how openly everyone ranted about Allegiant! I mean, I read it about 3 months late BUT THAT'S NOT THAT BAD. Usually I'm a full year behind! And still, no one seemed to care about the people who haven't read it yet. *shakes fist at spoilery people* I really really try not to give spoilers in my reviews (though once someone on Amazon told me I had, and I was like "um, I'm pretty sure the only things I talked about WERE IN THE BLURB") Gah. Frustrating. ;) I haven't finished the Harry Potter series but I know everything that happens. Thanks Pinterest. *sigh* Awesome discussion topic! I'm totally with you!

  5. I get very upset. It isn't right for the people who think spoilers are no big deal to disregard the rest of us.

    At the same time, people do get excited and want to talk about things... so it becomes a matter of how much is too much and how soon is too soon. It's easy to post "spoiler warning" in blog posts, but social media is sort of a different beast.

    The finale of HIMYM was on Monday, and I couldn't watch it until Tuesday, so I completely stayed off the internet until I could watch it because I just knew there was no other way to avoid the spoilers. But when you can't watch an episode until several days later, or you can't read the book the week it comes out, that's just not practical.


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