A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014 4:30 AM

Series: Beautiful Disaster 2.5
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: December 10, 2013
You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became Mrs. Maddox. But what do you really know?

Why did Abby pop the question?
What secrets were shared before the ceremony?
Where did they spend their wedding night?
Who else knew about it . . . and didn’t tell?

Everything about Abby and Travis’s elopement was top-secret . . . until now. Fans of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster will get all of their questions answered in this whirlwind tale of the wedding day (and night!)—and as with all good stories, this one will definitely have been worth the wait


My Thoughts

When I saw that McGuire was coming out with a novella featuring Travis and Abby’s wedding, I was SUPER excited. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it so that I could devour it and I really enjoyed jumping back into the world of Travis and Abby.

A Beautiful Wedding starts off with Abby and Travis in his room after the fire and her thinking about some things that lead to her proposal. Honestly, I was a little surprised and disappointed with what was going through Abby’s head when she decided to ask Travis to marry her. When I was reading this scene in Beautiful Disaster I just assumed that Abby realized just how fragile and short life was and that was what brought about her proposing to Travis, but boy was I wrong.
That was really my biggest let down with this book, everything else I really enjoyed. I don’t know if I can describe why I felt the way I did during this part without giving anything away and since I’m not a big fan of spoilers, I will just say that I was expecting something different when it came to Abby’s reasoning.
I know this review probably seems like I didn’t like this novella at all, but that’s not the case. In fact I really enjoyed it and I actually flew through it, and there were a ton, was quite a few may have been a couple of instances where I cried my eyes out *cough the letter cough* so if you enjoyed the other books in this series, I would definitely recommend for you to pick this novella up.

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